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At Rescue Buddy Boarding & Beyond your dog will feel right at home while you are away. With 1/4 acre fenced yard to play in, your pup will have lots of fun. Overnight stay is $30 and daycare is $15. We also offer a free foster dog slot and reduced overnight rates to local rescues. We are committed to helping homeless dogs. While volunteering with Pet Haven we have fostered 82 dogs and counting. We are changing the world one dog at a time. laura.leonard55@gmail.com

Monday, August 31, 2009

Kelly's boys

Bishop and Gideon came to play just for the day. They are napping at my feet right now because they have already had a busy morning racing around the yard. And this was all before 8am. In the video you can barely see Bishop digging under the wood pile. What a gorgeous day!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jack is in the house

Jack is an 8 year old Aussie that is staying with us for the weekend. He still has a lot of puppy in him. Jake another RBB visitor brings that playfulness out in all the dogs here. I shot this short video yesterday. That is my Buddy flying through the screen. No one would pay any attention to him. Michael and Mary, your Jack is having lots of fun. You were right about him not wanting to eat his dinner. But after sprinkling it with magic fairy dust-Parmesan cheese-he gobbled it right up. Take your time on Monday. I am enjoying your boy.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Dream

The thing about writing a blog is that I can talk about whatever is on my mind. Right now I am listening to Ted Kennedy Jr eulogize his father. He told a story about sledding with his father after losing his leg to bone cancer at 12 years old. Ted Jr fell on the hill and started crying and said he would never be able to make it to the top. Ted Sr said to his son " there is nothing you can not do". And so it was that the two of them made it slowly up the snowy hill together. This rang true for me as I am at a turning point in my life starting on a new career path. I always follow my heart toward a dream and there is nothing I can not do. As an artist I never thought of my life's work as a career. It is so now as I dedicate my life to helping homeless dogs because they can not help themselves. The photo is one of my foster dogs Shadow, a big black barky one-eyed lab mix. I thought she would be with me for a long long time. But look at her now living her dream lounging on the shores of Lake Superior. In the words of Ted Kennedy Sr "the dream shall never die".

Friday, August 28, 2009

Foster Friday

Karen up at Red Lake Rosie's has had a large number of puppies come in recently. Does anyone have room in their home for a couple of cuties? This is an ever changing situation but stay tuned.
Margo-pictured-is depressed because her litter was killed by another dog. Breaks my heart. See really needs to go to a foster home.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mister goes to work

Last time Mister one our favorite visitors stayed at Rescue Buddy Boarding he helped us out with a home visit. His canine sister, Ahnung, wrote about it on her blog. http://ahnung-northstar.blogspot.com
This family was able to adopt a cute little puppy. Thanks Mister.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dusty our first foster

Just got an updated photo of Dusty our first foster dog. He is such a happy boy. Dusty came from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue up on the Red Lake reservation. I was volunteering up there the day after Dusty came in. I fell for the boy right away and told Karen Rescue Buddy would foster him after he was neutered. We were able to enjoy this handsome guy for about three weeks. He is now living with a work at home mom and dad, an 8 year old boy, and a canine sister. http://redlakerosie.blogspot.com/search?q=dusty We are looking forward to our next foster dog in the coming weeks.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Rescue Buddy Boarding Begins

This is the first post for my new business Rescue Buddy Boarding & Beyond in Ne Minneapolis. Dogs stay in my home as members of the family while their owners are away. There is a fenced in backyard where the dogs can run off steam. The deck is great for napping in the sun. And there are plenty of dog beds for resting between play times. The photo is Mister my first customer.

As a volunteer with Pet Haven and
Red Lake Rosie's Rescue I have fostered 26 dogs. I am committed to helping homeless dogs. So RBB will be providing one free slot for rescues to use until a foster or forever home is found. Additional foster spots can be reserved for a reduced fee.