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At Rescue Buddy Boarding & Beyond your dog will feel right at home while you are away. With 1/4 acre fenced yard to play in, your pup will have lots of fun. Overnight stay is $30 and daycare is $15. We also offer a free foster dog slot and reduced overnight rates to local rescues. We are committed to helping homeless dogs. While volunteering with Pet Haven we have fostered 82 dogs and counting. We are changing the world one dog at a time. laura.leonard55@gmail.com

Monday, October 19, 2009

Suzy says Pet Haven rocks!

Hi, it's me, Suzy, again. No I am not at Rescue Buddy Boarding any more. I blew that pop stand yesterday. As fun as it is to visit, there is no place like home. My parents came home last night and I was so excited to see them. And mom told me how much she missed me. There was some talk about the wedding being perfect but mostly it was all about me. Just like I wanted. I did hear something about a video being played during the reception that had an entire part devoted to pictures of me. Oh I feel so much better now. And do you know how cool my parents are. They donated money from their dollar dance to Pet Haven. My mom said that they would not have me, such a wonderful dog, if it weren't for Pet Haven. You got that right mom. Pet Haven rocks! I want to thank Pet Haven too for giving a big black dog a chance.

Oh and Jake...........I kind of miss you. I hope you find a good home soon. Please check out Jake's bio. He is such a sweet boy, good with other dogs, and ready for a forever home just like mine.

Now you two dear parents of mine, you took today off so let's go outside and play.

Sarah and Adam, from all of us at Pet Haven we would like to thank you so much for your generous donation and most of all thank you for giving Suzy the best possible home ever. Congratulations and many wonderful years of poochie-filled wedded bliss!

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