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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look at Clarence Now!

Last night I was able to finally meet the little puppy that almost froze to death last time I was at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Clarence had strayed away from his littermates on a 30 below zero night. Thanks to the loving care of Karen Good he made a complete recovery and is like every other puppy playing nonstop with whatever he can find to put in his mouth. He had my glove and boot before I even took my coat off. All I could do was giggle at how cute he was running the other way carrying my big winter shoe.

Clarence did let me put a Vikings sweater on him for photographs. Mom knit the sweater and I embellished it with the Vikings touches. He is trying out to be a cheerleader for the Twin City Puppy Bowl put on by Pampered Pooch Playground, Sarahbeth Photography, FetchDelivers, and Sidewalk Dog. I am like stage mom sending multiple emails to show how perfect he would be for the role. Does it hurt to be pushy to get a family for this deserving boy or some press for Red lake Rosie's Rescue? Here is his bio if you are interested.

Clarence taught me that it does not matter where you come from or what your start in life is like, you can become whatever your spirit wills you to be. He has a fund set up in his name to raise money to hire someone to help Red lake Rosie's founder and his rescuer, Karen Good. So far he has raised $820. Way to go little guy. Here is the blog that was posted earlier explaining how to donate.

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