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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dog Park Yippeee!!!

Mister and Buddy got a much enjoyed trip to the dog park in Columbia Heights today. It was the most glorious weather for spending time outside with the boys. When Buddy was young we went to this park everyday no matter what the temp was. We have not been as much since taking in the foster dogs. But Buddy remembered where we were going as soon as we turned off Central, whining the whole way to the entrance. Mister was looking at him like "What are you so excited about? I do not even see any squirrels.".

There were plenty of dogs to play with and all were well behaved. I used to know everyone but that was months ago. This park is small so it is best when there are not too many dogs. That is why I prefer to go during the weekday.

The boys ran and ran. And I got my exercise too trying to stay with them. Then Buddy was so tuckered out he had to plop down to get a drink. Even Mister had slowed down some.

When Mister and Buddy were laying down more than playing it was time to go. I wondered how Mister would take leaving. There have been times when people can not get their dogs back on leash. But both dogs listened very well and were patiently waiting at the gate for me to catch up. Good boy Mister. Oh and Buddy too.

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