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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Puppies are here!

Louie, Buster, and Romeo are 12 week old male springer/beagles puppies that just arrived from People For Pets. They are napping right now so I am going to try to get a quick post done.

Louie looks most like his mama the springer. He has more white on his muzzle and a few freckles. He is the biggest of the bunch weighing in at over 18lbs. A playful energetic boy that is learning all about sticks, toys and sharing.

Buster on the other hand is the leader of the pack. He is a bit smaller than Louie but he is definitely the most adventurous of the three. Buster was the first to jump off the deck, first to climb up on the couch, and the first to climb out of the puppy pen. He also is not fond of sharing his toys and can be a bit of a bully to his brothers. Funny I grew up with two different Busters that were very much like this little guy. And to Buster's credit there needs to be a leader in any pack. Even with these little guys. The vet said she always likes the adventurous pups. They are easy to train and are not afraid of new situations. So Buster shines in these areas.

Romeo is the runt of the litter weighing about 16lbs. He has the blackest face and will probably be the last to be adopted because of this. But he is the sweetest of them all. Just a love bug. His original name was Buster 2. Guess the original owner could only come up with two boy names. So I renamed him Romeo before I ever met him. I thought with his black face he would need to be more charming if only in name to find his family. Little did I know he already was a Romeo at heart. This boy is my total favorite.

Well nap time is almost up. Let the puppy fun begin again. If you are interested in learning more about these bundles of joy please email dogs@pethavenmn.org. Thanks!