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Monday, September 6, 2010

Good Bye Summer 2010

Growing up in Nebraska, Labor Day weekend meant the unofficial end of summer. The boat was packed away. No more water skiing or late night bonfires. And mom's killer punch was only a foggy memory. The cabin was still open for a couple more months but the huge gatherings turned into just a few guests. Instead of beach volleyball the Huskers football games blared on the radio. Even though it could still be bikini weather no one donned one again until Memorial Day of the following year.

For the past 20+ years I have lived in Minnesota without a weekend cabin, boat, or water skis. But still when Labor Day weekend rolls around I automatically turn my thoughts toward autumn. Walker and I go to the Minnesota State Fair as our tradition. We look at canned pickles and huge pumpkins, seed art and fine art, eat Cini Minis and Pronto Pups, walk for miles and ride the Skyride back. And then summer is over when the midway goes dark. Tonight has always been a bittersweet night for me. Sad to see summer go but also excited to see what fall has in mind. Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

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  1. so true! labor day is the last hurrah of flip flops, sun tans and family gathered to grill. then it's fall. such similar memories of labor day! cooler weather for the dogs won't be so bad though. :)