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At Rescue Buddy Boarding & Beyond your dog will feel right at home while you are away. With 1/4 acre fenced yard to play in, your pup will have lots of fun. Overnight stay is $30 and daycare is $15. We also offer a free foster dog slot and reduced overnight rates to local rescues. We are committed to helping homeless dogs. While volunteering with Pet Haven we have fostered 82 dogs and counting. We are changing the world one dog at a time. laura.leonard55@gmail.com

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday Buddy!


Wow 9 years old and look how good you look. Still able to run and play with the fastest. Just for a shorter time. I know the feeling.

You have shared your home with 59 foster dogs and as many that revisit our home while their parents are away.

                Current Pet Haven foster dogs Duchess and Roseanne relaxing after a outdoor romp.

     Grandma treating everyone to biscuit time. Some wait more patiently than others.

Coziest lap dog ever!

 Little did we know,  when we brought you home 8 1/2 years ago, what a new life would unfold for our  family. What a daily source of joy you are. Every experience seems new and exciting. Happy birthday my boy. Love you forever! Okay let's go play ball.


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