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Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Addiction Called Pinterest

I know I am late to the Pinterest party but I am finally here full force. Surprisingly I am finding way too much inspiration. My head is spinning with creative ideas. Unfortunately it is quite the time suck. So now it is time for retraining myself to step away from the computer and start creating.  

I am an artist after all-or was in a former life-with skills already learned and supplies already at hand. Beadwork was my passion for over 12 years. However life is too short to spend one hour to create one inch of work. This piece, "Queen Mary Cometh" took over 9 months to complete. 

It is exciting to see what will spark the passion today. Look at these dogs made out of newspaper by Vivaterra. I always said I would be a paper maker in my next life. Why not now! It is never to late to start something new!


The plan is to use my dog training tricks to keep me working and off of the furniture. And off of the computer. By simply placing a laundry basket on my computer chair it will be more difficult to sit down and tune into the box. This makes me laugh because I bet it will be much harder to retrain this human than it was to train any of my past 60 foster dogs. Wish me luck!

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