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Monday, February 8, 2010

Clarence and Orlando

Clarence would like to thank everyone for voting for him in the Twin Cities Puppy Bowl. Even though he did not win MVP he is the most valuable puppy to us.

Clarence came over for a visit yesterday. He met Orlando. At first Clarence was a little timid but it did not take long before the two were playing together.

For those of you following Orlando's progress you can see he made it into the living room. He has yet to go up the second floor stairs but is content to sleep on the downstairs bed.

Sunday Orlando had a spa day at Pampered Pooch Playground with his new favorite friend, Jenny. She was so patient with him and did a great job grooming the big boy. Now he is all sweet smelling and ready for a forever home. Thanks so much Jenny.

Both Orlando and Clarence are up for adoption through Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

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  1. Clarence has a GOOD application on him. The funny thing? The applicants name is the same as his foster mom, Anne! How cool is that? Now we just need to get Orlando adopted! He really is a cool looking dog! Talking about stairs? My yorkiepoo foster will NOT use stairs. We took him down them and he FREAKED out. So maybe that's a good thing? LOL.