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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Small Puppy Steps For a BIG Boy

Orlando our new foster dog from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue spent most of his first couple of days here in the kitchen. There is a rug in there that felt like a familiar surface for his feet. It was the one place he felt safe in a brand new world. Tile and wood floors can seem slippery to a dog that may have never been in a house before.

Last night, after getting a bit bored in a room by himself, Orlando summoned up the courage to attempt to join us the dining room. Go big boy! He looks pretty happy about it doesn't he?

Buddy and Pet Haven foster dog,Cinnamon showed him that it was OK and actually fun on the other side of the gate. Dogs can be the best teachers. Thanks you two.

Finally right before bedtime Orlando made it through the doorway. Yippeeee!! This may not seem like much to some of you but for a young pup from the rez this is a major accomplishment.

Orlando is back napping on that rug in the kitchen. We are taking it slowly, small puppy steps. And lots of treats. Buddy likes helping out for that part of the lessons. Orlando like the other wonderful dogs from Red Lake continues to teach me patience and shows me how to celebrate the tiniest everyday things in life. Gotta love a rez dog.

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