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At Rescue Buddy Boarding & Beyond your dog will feel right at home while you are away. With 1/4 acre fenced yard to play in, your pup will have lots of fun. Overnight stay is $30 and daycare is $15. We also offer a free foster dog slot and reduced overnight rates to local rescues. We are committed to helping homeless dogs. While volunteering with Pet Haven we have fostered 82 dogs and counting. We are changing the world one dog at a time. laura.leonard55@gmail.com

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Karen at Red Lake Rosie's needs help!

"Karen needs to get the tarps up on all of the kennels, but she cannot do it alone and with all of her other work. She really needs help to get this done. With the wet weather, the kennels/pens/straw get soaking wet, and the animals aren't protected from the cold winds. Can anyone go up on the weekend after the clinic (11/13-15) and help to put on the tarps?
FYI: Karen is quite overburdened with animals right now and with the spay/neuter clinic coming up, there will be surrenders. The shelter is more than full, so there is no room for surrenders. If any of you know anyone who might be able to foster puppies or a dog, it would really help. Also, with Mike gone, Karen is doing everything alone and teaching, too. She has about 20 puppies and many young adult dogs, several with litters. She also has lots of cats, which are very time-consuming to care for."

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