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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Black dogs are waiting for homes!

Let's do a little experiment. Take a moment to study the faces of the three dogs below. All dogs are adoptable dogs through Pet Haven. They are Skipper, Zipper, and Jonnie Cakes.

OK now close you eyes and picture the dogs. Which one comes to mind first?

Congratulations if Zipper the black dog stuck in your mind. You are a very rare person who is attracted to the black dog. I was recently at an event with all three of these dogs. Three out of four people walked right past Zipper to get a closer look at Skipper and Jonnie Cakes. Guess which one of the three has already been adopted? Yes Jonnie Cakes the dog with the least amount of black. Black dogs are more often over looked in shelters and at adoption events. There is even a name for this: Black Dog Syndrome. Start Seeing Black Dogs is a website totally devoted to the plight of the black dog. Here is what they have posted on their website.

Start Seeing Black Dogs Definition of Black Dog Syndrome:
“Did you know that Black Dogs are generally the last to be adopted and are euthanized in shelters in much larger numbers? People may consider them too “plain”, think they are menacing, or simply don’t notice them because their dark color makes them disappear in their kennels. Those involved in animal welfare have dubbed these phenomena "Black Dog Syndrome."

Wikipedia Definition of Black Dog Syndrome:
“According to Wikipedia, Black Dog Syndrome is defined as “the low adoption and high euthanasia rate of black dogs in shelters. Black dogs are often the last to be adopted from shelters.”

Pet Haven has some great black dogs awaiting homes. Maggie, Harold, Koda, Coal, and Zipper. If you are ready to adopt please take some time to start seeing black dogs. They will love you forever.

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