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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Loose dog-part 2

Sadie a basset/husky mix a foster dog from Pet Haven taught me and her foster Cindy a lot about what to do when you dog disappears. Sadie was adopted three times and escaped four times-twice with her last family who still have her. She is safe and sound and in lock down mode. This is what we and her new family did to find her.
1.  Call your vet and surrounding vets and report the dog missing. Call the vet where the last rabies shot was given if different from your vet. This number will be on the dogs tag and might be used when dog is found.
2. Call whatever company the microchip is registered to. Home Again sends out lost pet notices to all surrounding vets in your area.
3. Call the animal control or humane society in the community where you live. Some of these agencies will be very helpful and some will not depending on the size of your town and the resources they have. Ask what they can do to help you and what you need to do to work with them.
4. www.lostandpound.com has a lot of useful info.
5. Print up tons of lost dog flyers with your dog's photo on them. Post these everywhere in your neighborhood. Hand them out to everyone you meet walking by esp. if they have a dog. Police officers and postal carriers are happy to keep an eye out too.
6. Post an ad on Craigslist in the 'Pets' and in the 'Lost and Found' categories. Update these every few days. Beware of crank calls saying they have your dog. Luckily I received two of these after Sadie was found.
7. Put food and water and a favorite toy outside by your house. Placing these under a picnic table makes a safe place for the dog to eat. If you can go high tech install a doggie cam to monitor visits. Sadie's family even had an alarm system they set up across the gate.
8. Contact all of your neighbors so they can watch for signs of your dog returning to your house. The more eyes the better. They may help post flyers.
9.  Walk the neighborhood early in the morning and late at night when there is less activity. Carry a leash and treats. Look for places a dog could be hiding in/under like sheds or decks.
10. When all else fails a live trap can be used safely. We have used Falls Creek Animal Pest Control. 651-235-0829. Beisswengers also rents traps if you feel comfortable doing this yourself. The largest size is for a large raccoon-perfect for Miss Sadie the escape queen.
Just so you know this is what your dog is doing while you are trudging through 12" of snow, or pouring rain, or 100 temps.  Bad dog.

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  1. Okay - all good ideas but how did you actually find Sadie those many times she escaped? Did she just show up again? - somebody found her and called? I'd like more of the story please.... tomorrows blog?