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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Loose dog tips-part 1

Let's face it. If you have a dog chances are that furry friend has gotten loose at least once. Either by rushing the door when the delivery guy comes-Molly,  jumping over the fence out of the blue-Riley, squeezing past you when you open the gate to take the trash out-Jack, jumping out the passenger door OVER  a stunned passenger-Bailey, or my favorite-the automatic van side door opens on its own for no reason other than to let the dog/s out-Libby, Hank, and Buddy. Yes these situations are all from personal experience. Luckily no dogs were harmed or loose for more than a few minutes.  Here are a few tips I learned from my escapades with fancy free dogs.
1.As hard as it is-and I have not mastered this yet-do not run after the dog. He will think you are playing the chase me game and continue to run. I do however follow the dog to keep him in sight either on foot or in the car. A trainer suggested that you lay down and call the dog's name in a really high pitched silly voice. This actually worked once. Of course handfuls of treats help. But we are not always that prepared.
2. Calling the dog's name in a normal voice brought my own dog back from up the alley. He looked at me like
he never left. Silly boy. Frantically yelling Fido's name will send him flying away. Would you want to come back to a screaming maniac?
3. Calling for your dog can also elicit help from your neighbors. The more eyes you have the more territory you can cover. Your dog could be in their back yard.
4. If you can keep track of your dog wait to approach him until he stops to sniff or lift his leg. Then calmly and quietly get close enough to take hold of his collar. No collar? That is what the scruff of the neck is for-built in handle. Note to self-keep the collar on.

5. When you get the dog back praise him and treat him for returning. He will want to come back next time if his return is rewarded. Again would you want to come back to the screaming meanie?

Sadie from Pet Haven taught me many lessons about what to do when your dog is lost for days. Check back for tips I learned from the Sadie searches. Hopefully some of you will have some to add too.

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  1. Auntie Laura ... can you blame my friends? You should've seen the look on my rescuer's face (Karen) every morning when she would come to check on me at the shelter up at Red Lake. Even an 8 ft fence couldn't keep me in the pen with those crazy, screaming puppies!! Oh yeah .. you were there last October so you remember how I would escape every night and then come back in the morning for breakfast ... i had it pretty good with Karen, but now it's even better. I have my own couch!! :) Nice blog post! You're getting good at this ;-)