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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Garage Sale on a Stick

It has been days since I posted something. Consistency has never been a virtue of mine. And three days in a garage sale tent does not help the energy or creativity flow. I did have some fun with the posting on Craigslist as a "Sale on a Stick". And I laughed as I hung a big pink pig with a blue ribbon on a stick in the front yard. It did spark some interest even though I think I was the only one amused by it all. My friends were confused at my delight in the stuffed pig as I usually refer to stuffed animals as "trash can fillers".

Buddy was the best garage sale dog ever. He either played with his new "purchase" or hung out under my chair. He did salivate when he thought he was getting my prized pig to play with. But he was able to choose another treasure instead. Buddy only sprinted after a squirrel spilling his water bowl once. Those pesky rodents. Never a fan. Our sale was a success. Lovely things were sold. And customers seemed thrilled to take over ownership of our once loved cast-offs. Now there is money for the last day of the state fair. And as I posted on Facebook: sell crap to eat crap. Life is good.

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